Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please give us a call on 02380 238281. Alternatively, you can email us. Finally, you can use the contact form. In addition, we now have a Live Chat Function.

Why Use SiteSolved?

SiteSolved has nearly 20 years experience in the waste industry and prides itself on it’s high level of customer service and conformity to all legal requirements. SiteSolved ensures its customers are compliant with all waste regulations at all times.

Our operatives are friendly, polite and will go the extra mile to assist customers.

All the waste removed is taken to registered waste transfer stations that can provide proof of 90% recycling rates.

Why is there weight and time restrictions?

The reason there is weight restrictions, is that SiteSolved is charged for disposal by the KG when on the weighbridge. The reason for time restrictions, is that we need the travel (and possibly tipping time) between jobs.

Where do you take our waste?

SiteSolved only uses audited and fully licensed waste transfer stations that have emphasis on maximum diversion from landfill minimising our impact on the environment. This information will be on the waste transfer note that you will be provided with upon collection.

What types of rubbish does SiteSolved collect?

SiteSolved can collect nearly all waste streams. This can be sofas, furniture, vacuum cleaners, ovens, washing machines etc. However, when booking online this is for household rubbish only, such as garden waste / garage clearances / furniture and household items. For other items, such as hazardous (fridges, TV’s etc) there is an additional/extra items list that you can tick. If you are unsure, or if the items are not listed there, please give us a call on 02380 238281.

What if there is no parking available outside?

We need to be able to access the property safely and securely. If there is no parking outside or on a driveway, parking needs to made available on the highway. We will not cross roads in order to remove the waste due to Health & Safety for our operatives. Please give us a call on 02380 238281 if you have any concerns or wish to discuss the parking facilities.

What if I have multiple full loads – do I get a discount?

Depending on the type of waste and weight, this is certainly something we can discuss with you in person. Please give us a call on 02380 238281 and we can talk this through with you.

What if I have additional or less waste on the day?

if you have additional waste, we will agree with you how much and then charge accordingly, this is payable before departure.

If you have less, then we will agree with you and deduct accordingly so that you only pay for what we remove.

Small or Single Items

For small or single items, we charge a minimum of £30.00 inc VAT and this must weight not more than 100kg. For reference, this is roughly an armchair.

Parking Charges

The customer is responsible for SiteSolved having somewhere safe and reasonable to park and within safe and easy access (no crossing roads or unfair distance). If a parking ticket is needed, the customer is required to cover this.

If I book online, is it secure?

Yes, we keep all your information safe. When you send a payment on any website using PayPal, our purchase protection covers you if you have a problem.

I live in a flat / apartment, do you collect?

If you live in flats or apartments, we require a working lift if you are above the 1st floor. If no lift is available, additional cost will be incurred due to time. However, SiteSolved reserves the right to cancel or decline a job if upon arrival and a risk assessment, the information provided is incorrect and deemed a Health & Safety Risk to our operatives. The deposit shall be retained in such circumstances.

How much waste do I have?

It is sometimes difficult to estimate volumes of waste. We tend to reference washing machines, so two washing machines side by side equates to approx 1 cubic yard and our vehicles hold between 12 & 14 cubic yards and a maximum of 1 tonne.

How much does it cost?

SiteSolved charges by the cubic yard and you will only pay for what we take away (see price list)

How do I cancel & get a refund of my deposit or full payment?

You can cancel either online or by phone, within 12 hours of the collection due time. A full refund will be given on the card that you paid by.

How do I book a man & van collection?

A collection can be booked in two ways; online on this website or alternatively call us on 02380 238281.

Does my waste need to be bagged?

Generally it does not need to be bagged, however, if it it strewn in small quantities over a large area you may want to consider bagging the waste to ensure we remove it all and there additional charges for time.

Does my waste have to be in one location?

Ideally, yes it does, however we don’t mind if it is in multiple locations as long as there is safe access and egress. We will not remove from attics or lofts – even if boarded and we will not access steep, unstable or damaged steps and staircases. We also will not remove if there are parking issues, such as having to cross a highway in order to access the waste.

Do you take Hazardous Waste?

Yes. Certain items are in the ‘extras’ box on the online booking form, such as domestic fridges, fluorescent tubes and TV’s. Mattresses are also included in this as they incur additional charges for disposal.

Asbestos, paints, oils, thinners etc, are priced upon request as we need to know the volume and the type.

Contact us to discuss removal of rubble, plasterboard, concrete etc.

Please call us on 02380 238281 if you have any queries.

Do you have a waste carriers license?

Yes, SiteSolved is an upper tier registered waste carrier. Our number is CBDU350092, this should be only one part of your checks when choosing a waste carrier. Also, ensure the waste carrier is fully insured and always ask where waste is going. They must leave you a copy of the waste transfer note which will contain all the information you need and don’t be afraid to double check.

Do you collect waste from basements or attics?

No, due to Health & Safety reasons, we do not collect from basements or attics.

Can I pay the remainder on the day?

Yes you can. This is via bank transfer, card payment or cash.

Additional Charges Due to Location of Waste

Normally, there aren’t any additional charges, but sometimes there are exceptions which may include but not limited, to the following:

Parking restrictions preventing waste access to the waste and the team having to park much farther away

High rise flat/apartments that have no lift or have large bulky items for removal

High level security access control, which may prevent or restrict/put time constraints for access into the building including limited use of lifts

Waste located on a field or area that is some way away from the access/parking area

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